“Ilaria is absolutely fantastic! I have worked with her several times on all

sorts of productions, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

She has that attention to detail you need in a focus puller and she is in tune

with the story.

She is lovely to work with on set and incredibly hard-working.

Definitely hire her!”

DoP Nicola Daley ACS


"Ilaria was a fantastic focus puller from day one right through to the end

of production. She handled the improvised, handheld style really well

and kept a cool head on set and made the work environment a pleasure

for all of the crew. I can't recommend Ilaria enough and look forward to

my next project with her."

Richard Swingle, DoP


"Working with Ilaria is an absolute pleasure, she can be relied upon to

complete any task quickly and efficiently, her commitment to the project 

is astounding. Working on a production that is tight on time, 

her skills of setting up the camera along with assisting other members

of the team i.e. (grips, sound recordist, gaffer, director, graphic

designer and DOP) are invaluable. Ilaria can also be left alone to sort

out the mechanics of a shot, whether it be setting a flag for lens flare

or sorting out a focus pull or setting up monitors. Her knowledge

about a range of equipment and technology is amazing."

Colin Case, DoP



"I first worked with Ilaria as a focus puller on a job I did as a B camera

operator. I was impressed with how professional and dedicated

she was to her job so I asked whether she would pull focus on

my graduation film at NFTS. I was very lucky to have her.

We had a lot of complex steadicam master shots which she nailed

every time. She organised her team well and communicated efficiently

to myself and production. On top of all this, Ilaria has a great sense of

humour and always smiling. A lovely person to have around.

I’d be happy to work have Ilaria as a focus puller again."

Dan Atherton, DoP



"Ilaria is the hardest working AC around. 

She's determined to do the job completely and to the best of her ability

every time. 

Her attention to detail is invaluable, and she works very well with others.

Truly a team player! Hire her!"

Catherine Goldschmidt, DoP



"Beneath Ilarias sometimes esoteric and eccentric humour is a highly

organised, dedicated and thorough camera assistant. Ilaria has worked

as a camera assistant  on several projects I have been involved in,

managing data and workflow as well as assisting in the traditional


Her attention to detail is excellent and I have complete confidence in

her management of footage from a single camera to a multi camera,

multi format shoot. She always bring s a smile to everyones face and

gels well into any team.”

Cliff Evans, DoP



"Ilaria has proved her value to the technical team again and again

on all the multi camera studio shoots that I run as DP and vision engineer.

Always a step ahead, very organized and systematic, she takes

her responsibilities seriously and is always keen to improve and learn more.

She is hard working and is particularly good at multi-tasking.

She has a keen interest in all technical disciplines and gets on well with

technical personnel and production team members alike.

She has become a vital part of our crew, helping to make the day run

smoothly and efficiently." 

Jeff Chapman, DoP & Lighting Director



"Ilaria is a pleasure to work with, always smiling and happy in herself

while totally on top of her job. She is a hard worker, 

understanding the camera skills with great precision and execution.

I would be happy to work with Ilaria on every job." 

Colette Delaney-Smith, Founder & CEO Blunt Pictures Ltd



"I have had the pleasure of working with Ilaria on several shoots now and can thoroughly recommend her; she has always been efficient, helpful and very conscientious. "

Mark Paul, Senior Motion Graphic Designer / Director at BSkyB



"Ilaria was an absolute pleasure to work with. Always 'on the ball' and very good at her job. Can't recommend her high enough and look forward to working with her again."

Michael S. Constable, Line Producer



"Ilaria is amazing at what she does! She is a great boss and a lovely person to have around on set! I can't wait to work with her again!" 

Amy H C Wilson, Camera Assistant




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