Barclaycard: "Get credit confident. Solve the credit score mystery" (2020, Smuggler)

Directed by Randy Krallmann

Cinematography by Erik Wilson

Sony Venice, G & T Series Anamorphics

Ikea: "Fortune favours the frugal" (2020, MJZ)

Directed by Tom Kuntz

Cinematography by Daniel Landin BSC

Alexa Mini LF, Cooke Anamorphics

Zara "Zara Kids: Boys' Fashion 2020" (2020, North Six)

Directed by Jamie McCormack

Cinematography by Eoin McLoughlin

Alexa Mini, Canon K35s

Sure "Your World Your Workout" (2019,

Directed by Michael O'Kelly

Cinematography by Catherine Derry

Alexa Mini, Cineovisions

Purina "Purina Cares" (2019, Tangent Mind)

Directed by Jon Michael Ryan

Cinematography by Charlie Gruet

Alexa Mini, Cooke S4

Dreams "Sleep Match" (2019, Tantrum)

Directed by Samuel & Gunnar

Cinematography by Will Bex

Alexa Mini, Cooke S2 Speed Panchros

Nike "Nike Phantom VNM at Spurs New Stadium" (2019, Somesuch)

Directed by Dan Emmerson

Cinematography by Spike Morris

Alexa Mini, Arri Master Primes

Pandora "Something About You" (2019, The Sweet Shop)

Directed by Liz Murphy

Cinematography by James Blann

Alexa Mini, Cooke S4

Tinder "Single Not Sorry" (2019, Kemmler Kemmler )

Directed by Basha de Bruijn

Cinematography by Maxime Desmet

Alexa Mini, Leica Summilux-C

Gilead Sciences "HIV is just a part of me" (2019, MTP)

Directed by Jon Sykes

Cinematography by Catherine Derry

Alexa Mini, Canon K35s

Legs 11 "11 Free Spins" (2018,

Directed by Michael O’Kelly

Cinematography by Catherine Derry

Alexa Mini, Arri Master Primes

Ovarian Cancer Action "I will survive" (2019, Snapper)

Directed by Joanna Bailey

Cinematography by Ben Smithard BSC

Arri Alexa SXT, Angenieux Optimo Lenses

Mango "A Day with Lucy Williams" (2018, Together Associates)

Directed by Barbara Anastacio

Cinematography by Catherine Goldschmidt

Alexa Mini, Canon K35s

"New Covent Garden Soup: Soups Up!" (2018, You Are Here)

Directed by Alex Tiernan

Cinematography by Eoin McLoughlin

Alexa Mini, Panavision C Series Anamorphics

UEFA "Women's Euro 2017 Salute Feat. Lionesses & Little Mix" (Kode Media, 2017)

Directed by Laura Scrivano

Cinematography by Nicola Daley ACS

Alexa Mini, Zeiss Super Speed MKIII "All Girls" (Greenroom Films, 2017)

Directed by Elisha Smith-Leverock

Cinematography by Neus Ollé AEC

Red Epic, Kowa Anamorphics